Finding the Right Oil Paint Course – it Doesn’t need to be Lotto!

You have a lot of options to choose from when taking an oil paint course The Tingology. The right oil painting class is not always a guessing game.

What kind of oil painting would you prefer to paint? At first glance, this may not seem important, but landscape, still life and life painting are all very different. Then you have two options. If you want to stick with a particular type of work, say portraiture, then that’s what you should learn. If you want to cover all the types of painting, then you should take an art course.

Although many skills may transfer to other situations, they will differ. If you study an artist’s art, these are easy to spot.

Painting style should be considered as well. You may prefer traditional oil paintings or more modern ones. Are you more illustrative or impressionist. The answer may surprise you at first, but you should try out the class or pick an area you are interested in.

It is important to research the course instructor’s background. This includes their painting style, his or her teaching method, as well as their personal interests. If you do this, it may help to guide your choice. In my research into animal portraiture, two artists with very different styles caught my attention. Both artists produced stunning images, but the first took only a few hours while the other required several days. Both styles had a lot of detail. Techniques do matter. After some time, your personal preferences will become apparent.

The types of Courses are varied. Courses are available on DVD, book, web, and tutor-led. Every course has its own pros and cons.

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