How to Find The Best Fence and Fencing Contractors for Your Home

Not uncommon is the discovery that a contractor does not fulfill all of those promises made to you when we first met. Homeowners have often been burned by professionals who claim one thing, but then do the opposite. We knew that finding a contractor to do what he promises is Fencing Company Austin, so we prepared before we started. It was important to consider whether we should do the work ourselves or hire a professional fence installer (hoping that he delivers on what he says).

After being burned by professionals, we decided that (initially) it was better to do the work ourselves. To get things started, we contacted our local township in order to find out if there were any restrictions on certain materials and fences. Our area is not under the jurisdiction of an HOA, but you may want to contact them to find out if there are any restrictions before beginning your project.

No restrictions exist in the area where I live regarding fence height, color, material, etc. We found that we have no restrictions and can use any fence material, including decorative aluminum, wood pickets, chain link, or even chain links. What we desire, is what we install. Some neighborhoods do allow certain styles of wood fencing, however. Some neighborhoods allow picket or split rail wood fencing, while privacy fences cannot be installed due to a height restriction.

Check if the fence will be used for a pool enclosure. If you have no restrictions on a yard-fence, a fence that surrounds a pool will be completely different. You should inquire about this specifically. It can be expensive to install a pool enclosure that is not in compliance with local and state regulations.

After deciding on the fence that we wanted, we quickly realized it was a lot more difficult than we anticipated. Our aluminum decorative fence was intricate and required professional installation. It was important to visit the BBB of our locality first, as there are many fence companies throughout Michigan. After checking to see if we were only dealing with people who had been rated professionals, we then asked family members, coworkers and friends if any of them had had a recent fence installed by one of BBB’s recommended professionals. Fortunately, one colleague stood out for a recommendation. It was easy to see that this company behaved in a way that would be expected from a business.

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