Nature’s Immune Boosters: Mushrooms

The term medicinal mushroom is used to describe mushrooms that can be consumed by humans and have a positive impact on their health. There are many species. Grifola edodes, Lentinula frondosa and Ganoderma luminum are the three most studied and widely used species. You can see dose therapy for more information.

The people of Asia have been using them for thousands and thousands years. Some were even considered valuable. This is why there has been so much research on medicinal mushrooms.

The fungi or mushrooms as they are commonly known can grow on the soil, in dead matter or even in symbiosis with plants. To survive, the fungi have to be able to produce strong antipathogenic properties. This is what makes mushrooms so useful as medicine. In most cases, the medicinal mushroom’s main benefit is its ability to boost your immune system. You can use this even when you’re healthy. But it is especially useful if you have a cold or flu. Immune system strong is capable of fighting viruses and infection. Further health benefits can include effects on blood sugar, blood pressure and even cholesterol. Some mushrooms have been used as a weight-loss aid.

It is their anti-cancer effects and anti-tumor effect that makes medicinal mushrooms so interesting. Studies show that certain mushrooms are capable of preventing and killing cancer cells. Some areas of Asia are using mushroom extracts with chemotherapy. Moreover, many mushrooms are high in fiber, vitamins, and amino acids. They also don’t contain much cholesterol or fat.

In bioactive polysaccharides, you’ll find the magic compound. Beta-glucan, as it is known by some researchers, has been deemed one of nature’s strongest immune boosters. It is a compound that has undergone extensive research over the past 40 years. There are 1,600 publications of this type. Beta-glucan modulates the immune system by changing its response to external threats.

Medical mushrooms are beneficial for people with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other illnesses. It is also possible for healthy people to benefit. They improve your immune system in a natural and safe way.

Try medicinal mushroom supplements if your goal is to increase immunity or treat a disease. While most medicinal mushroom extracts are completely safe and have no adverse effects, always consult with your doctor before beginning any type of medication.

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