Pocket Farming and Urban Areas Are Growing In Popularity

Pocket Farming, a term I believe you should add to the Urban Dictionary. People who live urbanized in suburbs and cities use all the space they can to grow vegetables. The Pocket Farms are often created by urban dwellers who grow vegetables and fruit in alleyways. They sell at organic farmer’s markets and street fairs, but others exchange produce among neighbors to reduce costs. Let’s read more about pocket farm.

Even so, there is a problem with runoff because nitrates are released from fertilizer into the storm drains. This runoff can be a problem, because it drains into storm drains, which then lead to other issues, such as fungus. The bugs will also come to feed, and the standing water can lead to more mosquitoes.

Others who oppose urban pocket gardening say it is unhealthy to have too many people cultivating things on soil that might be contaminated. They say that it is cheaper and better to do their own than buy the products in stores. In the current recession, many code enforcement offices are relaxing their regulations, allowing people to cultivate on their property.

You might guess that many of them are actually planting in areas between their properties, or, more technically, rights-ofway, or on municipal property. As it’s becoming a problem, I thought that you should be aware.